Come Race with us!

We want everyone to know that you don't need a license to race or train with Midwest Masters, and all abilities are welcome! 

Here's what you need to do to get started:

1. Check our Schedule to see what interests you

Check out the Schedule & Training page on our website to learn about what events we offer.

2. Get registered!

To register for all events and to purchase items Midwest Masters has for sale, go to

NOTE: If you had an Account last season, please log in and update any information that has changed. Please make sure your Credit Card information is updated. 

To register for most events, you will need to create an Account and a Profile. Some items such as raffle tickets, apparel, and banquet tickets may be purchased without an Account and Profile on the site. Some items are charged immediately, but some events (such as races) aren't charged until after they complete. Also note that many events have a registration closing date and time so be sure to register before then!

Need Help Creating Your Account? 

If you've never created an account before, this short set of instructions will help you! It's super easy.

3. Read up on the event and contact us if you have questions

On the All Events page on AdminSkiRacing, filter on 'Midwest Masters' and click into the event to get mode details. Many events have Event Notices linked with very detailed information such as an agenda for the day and detailed instructions regarding how the day will transpire. On the page for the event, you will also see the designated Event Organizer for that event. Click on the link to contact them directly with questions you still need answered! 

4. Check your Equipment and our Rules

Some key things to remember: 

  • We focus on being SAFE and FUN!
  • Midwest Masters DOES NOT require specific ski lengths and radii!
  • Midwest Masters DOES require FIS-stickered helmets to compete in GS and SG in sanctioned Masters racing. A racing helmet is required for SL, and soft ears are ok! 
  • Visit the Equipment & Rules page on our website for complete details on all rules

5. Show up at the event! We'll see you on the hill!