Race Results, Season Standings, Points Lists, and Awards

Midwest Masters posts Race Results, publishes Points Lists, and displays Season Standings in several locations online. The primary source for all of the above is Masters RaceDay. Individual Race Results are also available on, and some races are also posted on NASTAR. 

Where can I find results?

Masters RaceDay - for all race results, points lists, and standings for both current and previous seasons - for race results including live race results if the venue is equipped with a live internet connection in their timing building

NASTAR - for race results for the subset of our races that are scored using NASTAR

What are Points Lists?

A Points List gives you an idea of where you rank overall against other Midwest Masters racers, regardless of age or gender, by Discipline. Somewhat similar to a NASTAR handicap, our Result Points evaluate your performance in races and reward you for fast skiing against fast competition. Check our our Race Series Rules for complete details on how Points Lists are generated. You can find our current Points Lists on under the Points and Standings tab.

What Awards does Midwest Masters bestow on its racers?

Midwest Masters honors its racers with a vast array of awards each season. Some are season-long awards, others are event-centric. All (except one) are a great honor to win! Check out the details on how the calculations are performed in our Awards Definition document

Ironman - Arguably the most coveted award Midwest Masters offers, this is a season-long competition which awards the male and female racer that attends the most events. Winning this award puts your name on the Ironman trophy. 
Age Class Pilsner glasses - Etched with your name and Age Class, a high quality pilsner glass that will undoubtedly make that sip of beverage even that much more enjoyable.
Regional Championship Discipline Medals - At our two Championship Events, we award each Age Class and Gender with first through third place medals for total combined time for each Discipline (SG, GS, SL) at these events.
Regional Championship Trophies - Winners in each Age Class and gender will get their names etched on the Regional Championship trophies, which are kept on display at our sponsor ski shops all season long. 
Championship Jackets - Perhaps the next most coveted award Midwest Masters offers behind the Ironman are the Championship apparel items we award each year to the Regional Championship Trophy winners. 
Slalom Cup - An award given to a single female and male racer based upon age-adjusted performance in all Slalom races during the Midwest Masters season.
Cyr Cup - An award given to a single female and male racer based upon age-adjusted performance in the Cyr Cup mini race series at Buck Hill.
Rookie of the Year (shown front left) - An award honoring a noteworthy new Midwest Masters racer. ROYs are nominated by membership and voted on by the Midwest Masters Board. 
Border Battle Trophy - This trophy is awarded to the team of racers representing either Central Region I or Central Region II at our annual Border Battle race.
Shin-Tuck Showdown - An annual competition with Rocky Mountain Masters, this trophy is awarded to the team of racers from either Division that performs the best at the annual Ski Cooper races in January. 
Most Aggressive Racer - You don't want to win this one. This is awarded to the racer with the highest crash percentage.